Faces of Central Asia

Faces of Central Asia - Photo Collage

In the heart of Central Asia lie the countries of Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan, both former Soviet republics and now independent nations. Having served as major thoroughfares of the ancient Silk Road, these lands offer a glimpse into a past that changed the world. Today those times live on in a confluence of cultures matched by few other places.

Brimming with color and life, Central Asia is a melting pot of history, tradition and ways-of-life. A dynamic digital multimedia presentation, Faces of Central Asia captures the essence of this storybook land and its current day life. From its bustling markets, to its skylines of historic minarets, and to the mountain top yurts of present day nomads, a unique experience awaits at almost every turn.

Coupled with its people, who exude an almost instinctual sense of hospitality, Central Asia is a most inviting region. This all makes it one of the world’s most exciting and dynamic places to visit — with all the many facets and faces it has to share.

Come along on the journey… Faces of Central Asia!

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