For Now: A Poetic Journey Through Humanity

For Now - Photo CollageHow do you preserve wonder and beauty? How do you transmit a profound experience touching on the common thread of humanity so that others can share in it? For Now, a captivating multi-media presentation, is a remarkable attempt to do just that.

Carrying all they needed in their backpacks, Conny Brunner and Doug Going set out to travel from Africa, through South and Southeast Asia, on an adventure that was to last six months. Fifteen months later, they returned having experienced the people, culture, cuisine, art and history of ten different countries. Photographing places both remote and profoundly human, the couple was driven by one thing - a thorough desire to see a larger part of the world.

To capture the essence of their adventure, Conny and Doug created a digital photomontage where exotic, weather-etched faces merge with landscapes and monuments, accompanied by diverse and poignant melodies from around the world. Without dialogue or commentary, the images speak for themselves. A 45-minute presentation, For Now takes the audience on a journey through everyday life in far away lands.

A stunning piece of visual poetry, For Now celebrates both the incomparable diversity and yet remarkable sameness of all human beings.

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